Eating a Balanced Insurance Marketing Diet

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A Balanced Marketing Diet

It's easy in business to limit yourself to just a few marketing techniques especially if you have limited resources and marketing budgets. You might look at the successes that others are having on social media and want to confine your marketing to LinkedIn and Facebook. Or, if your company has been around for a while, you might feel reluctant to dive into new digital marketing techniques and try instead to keep growing your business using sponsorships and events.

One of the most dangerous phases in American business is “but we’ve always done it that way.”  If you fail to add the marketing diversity needed to succeed in the modern market, your revenue might continue to grow, but at a slower pace and without many key ingredients needed to sustain that growth. Eventually, a person that tries to survive on only pasta will notice they don't feel as healthy as they once did, and you'll notice the same thing about your insurance channel if you limit yourself to just one or two marketing strategies.

Producers will likely interact with your business in a variety of ways before they decide to place customers with you. They may browse your website, view an ad, scroll through your social media, search for reviews… the list goes on and on. This reinforces the fact that today’s producers are no different than today’s consumers who prefer to start their discovery process online and start exploring without your help. Producers are more autonomous than ever and choose to access information online and on demand.

Our goal at Convey is to help you achieve a more balanced diet in your marketing strategy by adding that all-important element, digital and online presence through our Convey Insurance program.  Here is how we help you create a balanced marketing diet.

First you have to get the producer to the table, so they know what you are serving. In the world of Convey Insurance you have a wide audience of producers who are hungry to know about your products.  We have 5 of the top 10 master agency networks  consolidating your  content on a Convey portal  and if your company has a content catalog in our network, producers have many ways to find you because we help those portal  owners  drive traffic to through newsletters, discussion  forums and other marketing efforts.

Then it’s time to start the meal with an appetizer. The producer may not know you well enough yet, but they know they are hungry for the type of products you offer because their customers are asking for them.  In a balanced digital diet, you give the producer a taste of who you are, so they want to dig deeper.  Content catalogs on Convey portals can contain a summary of your offerings, a quick video about how you support producers, or a page that overviews your value proposition.

Now, let’s go to the main course.  Now that the producer has come inside your content catalog for a meal, you need to feed them what they want.  Producers need to know the type of customers that they should pursue, how to sell to them, how to interact with you and how they make money.  Producers looking for a deeper dive want a full meal of appetite guides, case studies, white papers, product features, underwriting guidelines, marketing material, or descriptions of high target vertical markets. You can vary that meal inside of a Convey catalog by promoting webinars, adding content, or being featured in outbound email campaigns.

And no balanced marketing diet would be complete without the dessert.  For producers, the dessert is most often that financial incentive that sweetens the deal.  We’ve seen carriers get very creative about how they showcase their new business incentives.  They add banners to their content catalogs that can also appear on the master agent home page.  They get creative with their visuals and add interesting contests.  Based on statistics from millions of views, Convey knows that nothing gets more attention than a financial incentive.

We all know that between meals, there’s nothing nicer than a snack.  It’s important that you keep the content flowing so producers remember that you are out there.  Every time you add a new content post, upload a new business incentive, or promote an event it gets higher preference in automated routines that Convey has to add to master agent newsletters or feature it on the home page.

And let’s not forget the gourmet meal you can serve up.  Every portal we have for both the master agency networks and carriers or vendors has marketing technology for you to create outbound email campaigns, deliver them to producer dashboards and make it easy for the producers to launch them without having to copy and paste, get creative, do any work, or worry that you might look at their prospect list.  Our Convey marketing program is not a meal that every producer will consume, but it’s very satisfying for the producer who wants to go above and beyond in his or her own marketing.

The Takeaway

With the large number of producers relying on Convey portals, you are just not eating a balanced marketing diet unless you become part of the online journey that producers are engaged in by visiting their master agent portals.  Content catalogs are managed in a centralized portal making it easy to distribute your information to producers, feed them what they want and keep them coming back for more.  Learn about Convey Insurance by getting in touch with us on our insurance industry site, http://conveyinsurance.com or our corporate site http://conveyservices.com